Source code for cltk.corpora.grc.tlg.file_utils

"""Higher-level (i.e., user-friendly) functions for quickly reading
TLG data after it has been processed by ``TLGU()``.

import os

import regex

from cltk.corpora.grc.tlg.tlg_index import TLG_INDEX, TLG_WORKS_INDEX
from cltk.utils.file_operations import make_cltk_path

[docs]def tlg_plaintext_cleanup(text, rm_punctuation=False, rm_periods=False): """Remove and substitute post-processing for Greek TLG text. TODO: Surely more junk to pull out. Please submit bugs! """ remove_comp = regex.compile( r"-\n|[«»<>〈〉\(\)‘’_—:!\?\'\"\*]|{[[:print:][:space:]]+?}|\[[[:print:][:space:]]+?\]|[a-zA-Z0-9]", flags=regex.VERSION1, ) text = remove_comp.sub("", text) if rm_punctuation: punct_comp = regex.compile(r",|·") text = punct_comp.sub("", text) if rm_periods: period_comp = regex.compile(r"\.|;") text = period_comp.sub("", text) # replace line breaks w/ space replace_comp = regex.compile(r"\n") text = replace_comp.sub(" ", text) comp_space = regex.compile(r"\s+") text = comp_space.sub(" ", text) return text
[docs]def assemble_tlg_author_filepaths(): """Reads TLG index and builds a list of absolute filepaths.""" plaintext_dir = make_cltk_path("grc/text/tlg/plaintext/") filepaths = [os.path.join(plaintext_dir, x + ".TXT") for x in TLG_INDEX] return filepaths
[docs]def assemble_tlg_works_filepaths(): """Reads TLG index and builds a list of absolute filepaths.""" plaintext_dir = make_cltk_path("grc/text/tlg/individual_works/") all_filepaths = [] for author_code in TLG_WORKS_INDEX: author_data = TLG_WORKS_INDEX[author_code] works = author_data["works"] for work in works: f = os.path.join(plaintext_dir, author_code + ".TXT" + "-" + work + ".txt") all_filepaths.append(f) return all_filepaths