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"""Configuration class for specifying scansion constants."""

__author__ = ["Todd Cook <>"]
__license__ = "MIT License"

[docs]class ScansionConstants: """ Constants containing strings have characters in upper and lower case since they will often be used in regular expressions, and used to preserve/a verse's original case. This class also allows users to customizing scansion constants and scanner behavior. >>> constants = ScansionConstants(unstressed="U",stressed= "-", optional_terminal_ending="X") >>> print(constants.DACTYL) -UU >>> smaller_constants = ScansionConstants( ... unstressed="˘",stressed= "¯", optional_terminal_ending="x") >>> print(smaller_constants.DACTYL) ¯˘˘ """ # pylint: disable=invalid-name # pylint: disable=too-many-instance-attributes # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods def __init__( self, unstressed="U", stressed="-", optional_terminal_ending="X", separator="|" ): self.UNSTRESSED = unstressed self.STRESSED = stressed self.OPTIONAL_ENDING = optional_terminal_ending self.FOOT_SEPARATOR = separator self.IAMB = unstressed + stressed self.TROCHEE = stressed + unstressed self.SPONDEE = stressed + stressed self.ANAPEST = unstressed + unstressed + stressed self.DACTYL = stressed + unstressed + unstressed self.AMPHIBRACH = unstressed + stressed + unstressed self.PYRRHIC = unstressed + unstressed self.HEXAMETER_ENDING = stressed + optional_terminal_ending """The following two constants are not offical scansion terms, but invalid in hexameters""" self.INVERTED_AMPHIBRACH = stressed + unstressed + stressed self.INVALID_HEXAMETER_COMBO = stressed + stressed + unstressed self.CONSONANTS = "bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxzBCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ" self.CONSONANTS_WO_H = "bcdfgjklmnpqrstvwxzBCDFGJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ" # Vowels and accented vowels should be kept the same length & position for easy dict map self.VOWELS = "aeiouyAEIOUYäÄëËïÏöÖüÜÿŸ" self.ACCENTED_VOWELS = "āēīōūȳĀĒĪŌŪȲäÄëËïÏöÖüÜÿŸ" self.VOWELS_WO_I = "aeouAEOUYāēōūȳĀĒŌŪȲäÄëËöÖüÜÿŸ" self.VOWELS_TO_ACCENTS = dict( zip(list(self.VOWELS), list(self.ACCENTED_VOWELS)) ) self.ACCENTS_TO_VOWELS = dict( zip(list(self.ACCENTED_VOWELS), list(self.VOWELS)) ) self.DIPTHONGS = [ "ae", "au", "ei", "eu", "oe", "ui", "Ui", "uī", # because the last vowel can be accented by position: potuisse "Ae", "Au", "Ei", "Eu", "Oe", ] self.UI_EXCEPTIONS = { "cui": ["cui"], "Cui": ["Cui"], "hui": ["hui"], "Hui": ["Hui"], "huic": ["huic"], "Huic": ["Huic"], } self.stress_accent_dict = dict( zip( list(self.VOWELS + self.ACCENTED_VOWELS), list(self.ACCENTED_VOWELS + self.ACCENTED_VOWELS), ) ) self.LIQUIDS = "lmnrLMNR" self.MUTES = "bcdfgptBCDFGPT" self.DOUBLED_CONSONANTS = [letter + letter for letter in self.CONSONANTS] """Prefix order not arbitrary; one will want to match on extra before ex""" self.PREFIXES = [ "contrā", "contra", "subter", "circum", "trans", "extro", "suprā", "extrā", "ultra", "iuxta", "super", "supra", "intro", "inter", "ultrā", "extra", "retrō", "intrō", "retro", "trāns", "quasi", "īnfrā", "juxtā", "infra", "ante", "ambi", "tran", "dein", "prae", "post", "sine", "sed", "pre", "sin", "per", "pro", "abs", "sub", "dis", "dīs", "con", "dif", "non", "sīn", "prō", "com", "tra", "red", "sur", "nōn", "ob", "ēr", "de", "ex", "dī", "ēf", "ad", "ne", "ac", "in", "rē", "nē", "āb", "ef", "ēx", "di", "se", "īn", "en", "co", "ab", "er", "dē", "re", "ēn", "ōb", "sē", ] self.ASPIRATES = ["pt", "Pt", "ch", "th", "Ch", "Th"] self.NOTE_MAP: dict = dict( ( ("positionally", "Valid by positional stresses."), ("inverted", "Inverted amphibrachs corrected."), ("invalid start", "Corrected invalid start."), ("invalid 5th", "Corrected invalid fifth foot."), ("invalid foot", "invalid foot converted to spondee."), ("invalid syllables", "invalid syllables; corrupt text?"), ("optional i to j", "Transformed i to j aggressively."), ("17", "All dactyls according to syllable count."), ("12", "All spondees according to syllable count."), ("< 12", "Incomplete hexameter; not enough syllables."), ("5th dactyl", "13 syllables; probable dactyl at 5th foot."), ("> 17", "Invalid hexameter; too many syllables."), ("closest match", "Scansion matched to closest valid pattern."), ("dactyl smoothing", "Dactyl chain smoothing."), ("antepenult chain", "antepenult foot onward normalized."), ("penultimate dactyl chain", "penultimate foot onward normalized."), ( "> 11", "Invalid hendecasyllables; more than eleven syllables detected", ), ( "< 11", "Invalid hendecasyllables; less than eleven syllables detected", ), ("< 12p", "Invalid pentameter; too few syllables"), ("12p", "Spondaic pentameter"), ("14p", "Dactylic pentameter"), ("> 14", "Invalid pentameter; too many syllables"), ) )