1. About

The Classical Language Toolkit (CLTK) is a Python library offering natural language processing (NLP) for pre-modern languages. Pre-configured pipelines are available for 19 languages.

1.1. Maintainers

1.2. Advisors

  • Neil Coffee, University at Buffalo (Associate Professor of Classics); Tesserae (Principal Investigator)

  • Gregory Crane, Universität Leipzig (Humboldt Chair of Digital Humanities), Tufts University (Professor of Classics); Perseus (Editor–in–Chief) and Open Philology (Director)

  • Peter Meineck, New York University (Associate Professor of Classics); Aquila Theatre (Founder), Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives (Founder, Director)

  • Leonard Muellner, Brandeis University (Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies); Center for Hellenic Studies (Director of Publications, Information Technology and Libraries)

1.3. Citation

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1.4. License

Copyright (c) 2014-2024 Kyle P. Johnson under the MIT License.