cltk.phonology.gmh package

Middle High German phonology Submodules cltk.phonology.gmh.phonology module

Middle High German phonology tools

class cltk.phonology.gmh.phonology.MiddleHighGermanTranscription[source]

Bases: object

Middle High German Transcriber

>>> MiddleHighGermanTranscription().transcribe("Brynhild")

word – word to transcribe


transcribed word

class cltk.phonology.gmh.phonology.MiddleHighGermanSyllabifier[source]

Bases: object

Middle High German syllabifier based on sonority phoneme hierarchy for MHG. Source: Resonances in Middle High German: New Methodologies in Prosody, Christopher Leo Hench, 2017

>>> MiddleHighGermanSyllabifier().syllabify("Gunther")
['Gunt', 'her']

word (str) – word to syllabify

Return type:



syllabified word cltk.phonology.gmh.syllabifier module

class cltk.phonology.gmh.syllabifier.Word(word)[source]

Bases: object

Word class that helps


Specifies the phonetic indexing method. SE: Soundex variant for MHG


Soundex variant was based on the original American Soundex developed by Russel and King, altered to better fit Middle High German morphology. The replacement rules were based on matching places and manners of articulation between the two languages (AE and MHG).


-Normalize word and convert the first letter to uppercase -Remove other vowels

Replacement Rules: - f,v,b,p,w -> 1 Labiodental fricatives [f,v] and bilabial plosives [p,b], approximant [w] - m,n,ng -> 2 Nasals - t,d,r,l,k,c,g,ch,s -> 3 [non-nasal velars/alveolars] - pf, ts, z, s -> 4 Affricates and alveolar fricatives - r,l -> 5 Liquids - j -> 6 Palatal Approximant

-Remove double numbers -Remove remaining letters -Retain first 3 numbers (add 0 if less than 3) cltk.phonology.gmh.transcription module

Middle High German phonological transcriber module.

Note: there are no definite MHG phonological rules, so this module serves as an approximate reconstruction of the original. As of this version, the Transcribe class doesn’t support any specific dialects and serves as a superset encompassing various regional accents.

class cltk.phonology.gmh.transcription.Transcriber[source]

Bases: object

Transcriber for Middle High German

transcribe(text, punctuation=True, with_squared_brackets=True)[source]
  • text (str) – text to transcribe

  • punctuation – if True, keeps punctuation

  • with_squared_brackets – if True, put squared brackets around transcription.

Return type:



an approximate pronunciation (IPA)